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Something a little different for this fortnight's tip! I have selected some of my favourite places where you can find more information about freediving and spearfishing.


DeeperBlue is the world’s largest online community dedicated to freediving, scuba diving, spearfishing, and diving travel. They have forums on literally everything from diving without a spleen to general training tips. DeeperBlue also has excellent guides about equipment, training, and covers the latest news on freediving! Check it out here.

The Freedive Café

At The Freedive Café, Donny sits down with freedivers great and small. He goes really deep with some of the deepest humans on Earth and discovers the personal stories, the inspirations, the techniques and training, the routines and passions of freedivers from all walks of life, from competitive athletes, instructors and trainers, underwater photographers, ocean conservationists and many more.

Check out this episode with William Trubridge here– the currently CNF world record holder at 102m. In this episode, they cover the highlights of William’s career, freediving approach, and more.

Aquatic Rehab Spearfishing

Aquatic Rehab Spearfishing is a channel based in New Zealand that showcases North Island spearfishing and the harvesting of fish for subsistence. They also have tip series on gopro camera settings, filleting, freediving, approaching fish and more. Aquatic Rehab Spearfishing also has an excellent how to spearfish series which you can find here.

Noob Spearo Podcast

#1 dedicated spearfishing podcast. Helps those coming into the sport become safer, sustainable, and more effective. They interview some of the world's best spearos from all parts of the world for their tips, tricks, advice, and lessons they've learnt from being out on the water spearfishing. This is a great show for any level, whether you're just starting or are an experienced spearo. Have a listen here.

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Pool National Series

  • Wellington: 17-18 October
  • Northland: 13-15 November

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