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To join our club, you can start with a Club Intro Membership, which includes a safety induction at Tepid Baths in the CBD and is similar to AIDA 1. Read more about it and book your spot here:

If you're interested in an AIDA course, please get in touch with our instructor Brad who runs the AIDA courses. Email:

If you have any other questions about the sport, requirements or how to get involved, please use the contact form to send us an email

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AFC Committee & Team


Cameron Collard


Joined AFC early 2021 with a desire to learn to dive deeper while spearfishing, an activity which I had only just taken up as well.

Aided by many years as a competitive swimmer in my youth, I enjoy both the training and competitive side of freediving.

Also very keen to learn more about the technical side of the sport from this welcoming club community.

More about Cam: Electronic engineer by trade, but manages Compliance and Projects for a Payments company these days.

I greatly enjoy boating, fishing & diving with my young family as well as most other outdoors activities.


Allison Kennedy


My love affair with freediving started before I even knew it existed: breath holding competitions with my cousins in the community pool, diving for conch with my dad on our family holiday and snorkeling down to the sand and coral to get good fish photos. In university I first put my breath holding skills to use in
competition as part of the Illini Synchro synchronise swim team. Finally, in 2018 I took the leap and did my AFC induction to learn more about the safety aspects of breath hold diving. The fantastic and welcoming community of people, the organised and easy to access training sessions and the feeling of balance and relaxation I get after training prompted me to join the club and get more involved.

More about Allison: I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer with a Mechanical Engineering degree, so love tinkering with reports, numbers, and machines. In my non-aquatic free time you might find me travelling, knitting, in my garden or on one of New Zealand's pristine hiking trails.

Michael Abbot

Memberships Officer


Michael Abbot



Volans Wang

Equipment Officer



Alaine de Jager

Training Officer



Ben Jeffares

Comms Officer



Nick Rhodes

Committee Support



Event Co-ordinator


Ash King

Committee Support



Guy Kloss

Committee Support




Immediate Past President


Brad James

AIDA 3 Star Instructor
After unsuccessfully trying to spearfish on and off for a couple of years, Brad joined AFC in 2014 to up his skills. He has since set new personal bests in every discipline leading to improved spearfishing while developing a passion for freediving which he looks forward to developing further.

Follow the Brad James Freedive Project