Club Intro Membership

Start your freediving journey here!

If you're new to freediving, then the Club Intro Membership is the place to start. Get a taste of what training with the Auckland Freediving Club (AFC) is all about, before deciding whether you'll commit to a full membership.

All new members must complete a safety induction in order to train with the club.

Our Club Intro Membership is a three-month membership which includes the safety induction (three sessions of pool inductions over three Mondays at Tepid Baths) at the beginning. After you have completed the pool induction sessions, you can join any AFC pool training session you choose. During the summer, AFC run lake depth inductions that you can sign up for after you have completed the pool induction sessions.

You will have three months to learn the basics, connect with other club members and try out different sessions to see what suits you best. We designed it so you can get a good feel for our club. You may also join member-only events and AIDA-grade competitions.


The Induction


Minimum age is 18 years.
16 and 17-year-old divers can attend with their parent's written permission.

You need to be able to swim:
- 100m without a mask, snorkel or fins, OR
- 200m with a mask, snorkel and fins.

You need to have your own mask, snorkel, weight belt, and fins.
A wetsuit is also recommended as you can get cold in the pool without one.


All induction sessions are held at the Tepid Baths in Customs Street, Auckland. Inductions are held monthly and start on the first Monday of the month (the pool is closed on public holidays) and run for three consecutive sessions.

~ ~ WHAT TO BRING ~ ~ 

You don't need fancy gear to do the induction sessions. But there are some basic pieces of equipment that will ensure you get the most out of the sessions.

If you tend to get cold this is highly recommended. Any wetsuit will do the trick, but we recommend triathalon or surf suits for most of the sessions. For the first session, you may want a thicker suit.

Mask and snorkel
Or goggles and nose clip.

Long freediving fins are ideal, but scuba/snorkelling fins also work fine.

Plastic covered weights on a belt or neck weights. Bring all your weights and we will help you determine how much you need to wear.


- Basics of freediving safety and rescue practice (successful demonstration of rescues is a requirement to complete induction)

- Correct weighting and how to check this

- How to relax and prepare for a dive

- Finning technique, streamline, Dynamic, Dynamic No Fins and Static breath holds

Induction completed - what then?

After you completed your three induction sessions, you'll be able to train with us for the remainder of your three-month membership!

Learn more about when and where we train here: AFC Training Sessions.

- Do a lake induction. A pre-requisite of depth training with AFC is that you and complete both the pool induction and lake induction. Once you've completed the pool induction and joined AFC, you can start your lake induction to begin depth training at Lake Pukupe (only in summer).

- Take a freediving course. Depending on you progression, you can start looking at further courses such as an AIDA 2* Certification.

- Join member-only events or start one!

~ ~  

Where you go after your Club Intro Membership is up to you. If you're keen to learn more about freediving or spearfishing and are looking for more progression, there are a few options that open up:

- Become an annual member and continue pool and depth training with the full set of membership benefits.

- You can also join as a monthly member as a more flexible option. 


Cost and sign up

The induction is a great way to dip your toes in the water and try freediving without a large commitment. We even recommend doing an induction before you go out and buy gear so that you know whether it's for you.

The Club Intro Membership costs $130 and includes pool entry.

Book a spot below.

If you have any questions before signing up for the induction, feel free to contact us.

Book Now:

3 Easy Steps to Book your induction

1) Pick an induction from the schedule below.

Make sure you are able to attend all three events.

2) Complete the registration form and make your payment with PAYPAL.

Please read all the information carefully and let us know about any medical issues.

3) Once our membership officer has checked your registration, you will receive an email from us.

Remember the club is run by volunteers - so this may take a couple of days. Check your Spam filters or you other Gmail folders Primary/Updates/Promotions.


Open Induction Events

August 1, 2022

Club Intro Membership: August 2022 - 01/08/2022 - 15/08/2022 at 6:45 pm - 8:30 pm
Pending Spaces 0
Booked spaces 6
0 available spaces left

October 3, 2022

Club Intro Membership: October 2022 - 03/10/2022 - 17/10/2022 at 6:45 pm - 8:30 pm
Pending Spaces 0
Booked spaces 0
10 available spaces left

November 7, 2022

Club Intro Membership: November 2022 - 07/11/2022 - 21/11/2022 at 6:45 pm - 8:30 pm
Pending Spaces 0
Booked spaces 1
9 available spaces left