Member Benefits

Membership Benefits

Auckland Freediving Club membership comes with fantastic benefits:

  • Train at a pool near you
  • Learn from experienced divers
  • Find dive buddies and connect
  • Join organised spearfishing and dive trips
  • Be part of the freediving community
  • Achieve your best at competitions

In addition, Auckland Freediving Club full annual paid members receive discounts and benefits. Check out a few of them below.

Course Discounts
Receive $150 off your AIDA course fee with an AFC instructor in return for helping out with the club:

  • Assist with 1 month pool induction (2IC)
  • Lead 1 month pool induction
  • Lead 3 depth rigs for newer members

A great way to learn more about diving, give back to the club and help reinforce your new learnings while doing so.

Event Discounts
Organise a club trip or join an organised club trip and get up to $50 off.

In order to be eligible for club trip subsidy, trips must be:

  • Open to all members of the club
  • Advertised well in advance
  • Have at least 6 club members in attendance

Each full annual club member attending the trip will receive up to $50 off the trip for a maximum of $500 per trip.

Full members for the entire year are entitled to a maximum of 3 subsidised events.

Membership Fee Discounts
Help out with monthly inductions and get up to $50 off your club fees for next year.

  • $25 off next year's fees if you assist (2IC) with at least one month of inductions
  • $50 off next year's fees if you lead at least one month of inductions (must be 2IC first)
Sponsor Discounts
Full members can show their membership card to receive discounts from our lovely sponsors.