Body Extension in the Water 

Have you read last fortnights post on body extension and awareness? Read it here. This fortnight, we will build on some of the ideas shared in the last post and how they can be transferred to our pool training.

Are you guilty of any of the following?

1.   Overly bent knees when finning

Suggest a lack of extension and awareness throughout the legs – extend and kick from your hips.

2.   Over-arching or pushing the stomach out

This is most likely due to general unawareness and poor extension or issues in weighting. Ask someone to watch you fin or record it! At AFC we have GoPro’s available for this. Get in touch with your session leader if this is something you are interested in.

3.   Body rocking side to side

There is often a natural slight roll with your hips whilst finning, but this should not be too noticeable. Stabilise your core and try to ensure that you fin with your hips level and your legs moving on an even plane.

4.   Head up or not in line

Poor body positioning or a general lack of flexibility in the arms shoulders. Improving your flexibility doesn't happen overnight – check out last week's shoulder flexibility routine here.

Here are a few drills you can incorporate into your pool training to improve body extension and your sense of awareness. 

1.   Side kicking (single arm or both arms above head)

This drill can be done both on the surface or underwater. It will be difficult for you if you don't have good body alignment and you will most likely not go straight. Remember to keep the stomach in and extend out through the fingers and toes.

2.   Rolls - A variation on the first drill

Kicking on your right, back, left, front 4 – 8 counts each side. Turning about your axis maintained through good body positioning or you might swim into something/someone laughing.

3.   Try swimming without your wetsuit!

Have a greater sense of 'water feel' and improved awareness of your own body positioning and any slight changes. Also don't need to carry as much weight!

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