New Membership Officer: Alex

I joined the club in 2018 and very quickly found that freediving gives me great personal challenges both mental and physical, but also great rewards. I have enjoyed meditation for many years so the process of relaxing the mind and body has been useful in life as well as during diving. The physical awareness of your body when diving and the control required to push your personal best has been a fulfilling journey. The club members are a great bunch of people with safety as a priority, so training sessions are always fun, with plenty of events on during the year.
More about Alex: I work as a Project Manager, play guitar, produce music and DJ, love a good party but enjoy the quiet times too.

2IC role for Membership officer available

If you would like to be part of the committee, help the club and learn new things about membership management, please put your hand up and volunteer as 2IC Membership Officer.

New Freediving New Zealand Board Members

Our club members Brad James and Nathanial Fairweather have joined the board of Freediving New Zealand, our national AIDA freediving organisation. Go guys!!