With the end of Daylight Savings approaching at the beginning of April, we move to our winter training schedule. That means Thursday sessions will move to AUT. Keep an eye on Facebook, the training newsletter and the website for ad hoc lake sessions if you want to brave the cold.

Monday sessions at Tepid Baths will continue as normal:

  • Every non public holiday Monday from 7-8:30pm
  • 1st training session of Month - Statics
  • 2nd training session of Month - No fins
  • All other training sessions - Dynamics

Tuesday sessions at Mt Roskill are on trial - come along so we can keep them going:

  • Every Tuesday March 22 through April 26 from 7:30p-8:30p
  • If we have a good turnout we'll keep this going throughout the winter, so keep an eye on the website for an announcement at the end of April

Wednesday session at Panmure continue as normal:

  • Every Wednesday from 7:30p-8:30pm

Thursday sessions move to AUT, with introduction of statics:

  • Every Thursday from 7-8:30pm starting April 14 - September 22
  • Last training session of Month - Statics in AUTM pool (Apr 28, May 26, Jun 30, Jul 28, Aug 25, Sep 22)
  • All other training sessions - Dynamics in National Aquatic Centre