With the end of daylight saving, our regular depth sessions are also finishing up and we're starting pool training at AUT Millennium from April 15 on. Start at AUT is 7pm, see you there!


  • Mon - Tepid Baths - 7 pm
  • Tue - Westwave, if there is enough regular demand, we can book a lane at this pool
  • Wed - Panmure - 6:45 pm
  • Thu - AUT Millennium - 7pm
  • + Ad hoc sessions & workshops

Learn more about our training sessions and locations here: https://aucklandfreediving.co.nz/training/

Fingers crossed for the Wellington Winter Champs, Chris promises to organise the laziest pool competition in the Southern hemisphere yet again. Unconfirmed dates are 11-12 June. AFC will be hosting the 2021 FNZ AIDA Pool Nationals on 10-12 September.

~ Kat