Depth Training Basics

Depth diving is a very safe and simple process - you go down the line all the way to the plate, you come back up. That's what it looks like to an uninitiated. Things get more complicated when you try to dive deeper or stay under for longer.



Going down

Turning at the bottom

The turn should be gentle and effortless. Grab the rope with your thumb pointing up towards the surface and let your body fall into the upright position.

Competition rules allow a pull within the "candycane" marked area. It will give you the initial momentum and alert the safety that you are now going up.

  • you don't want to go down too fast while grabbing the rope
  • if you are deep enough (25m+) and your arm stretches out too far or too quick you may get a "squeeze"
  • if your thumb is pointing down, try to decelerate and change the grip
  • overtime this becomes one of those automatic movements you don't even think about

Coming back up


Safety diver

Timing is everything. You need to be at the meeting point and ready to go up just before the diver reaches it. This depends on the depth of the dive and personal preferences. You can try to time the dive or wait for the diver's pull from the bottom

Stay clear off the line to avoid the collision, but not too far to loose the sight of the line.

Waiting in line