From 04 July to 28 August 2022, we will be running an informal competition during our training sessions. This is intended to help club members progress, get to know each other better, have fun and become more familiar with competition rules. This will also prove to be great preparation for Pool Nationals being held in Auckland 9-11th September!


The main Comp is three-person teams for max fun. Each with at least one club member who hasn’t competed before and no more than one experienced competitor. You have until July 17th to confirm your teams but performances before that will still count. If you don’t want to compete with a team or can’t find anyone you may also enter as an individual.

Points system

Start by entering your current PBs in each discipline. If you don’t have a “competitive” PB, enter your best performance in training.

Compete across Statics, Dynamics, and No-fins by performing Max attempts at your normal training sessions or in another pool Competition. Points will be awarded as follows:

  • For your best performance in STA, DYN & DNF, the points will be awarded as in AIDA competition (1 point per 5 seconds STA, and 1 point per 2m for DYN and DNF, no points if you get disqualified)

  • You also earn points for attending training (1 per person per session including depth) and getting a PB (5 per). Team photos of attendance are encouraged, but not required.


You Need:

  • An Athlete, a Safety, and an experienced club member who can act as judge must be present (but can also be the safety)

  • A Pool of at least 25m

  • An O2 kit (very important for max attempts)

You may also have a Coach for your performance; however, your judge may not also act as the Coach.

You will be judged at a “Rec grade” level of strictness and the Athlete, Safety and Judge agree on the performance result, this will be recorded to a spreadsheet along with the Judge for the performance. For reasons of safety no more than 2 max attempts may be conducted by a competitor in one session. Remember if you black out or have a major samba (to the point of a dip or failing a protocol) that should be the end of all dives for the day.

Any additional information or queries get in touch with Ash King at

Record your Results

Use in the spreadsheet here:

If you believe that another competitor has entered incorrect info, please let Ash know rather than changing it yourself.

Happy diving!