AGM, BBQ and feedback form

Our Annual General Meeting and Club BBQ is coming up soon! This is just a quick reminder that you can nominate members for the committee.

If you’d like to get involved yourself or suggest a member for one of the committee roles please email your nominations through to Sita at by Sunday, June 28.

~ ~ ~

Come and join the committee team! We're calling for nominations for:
Training Officer!
Equipment officer!
Comms support crew!
and additional support crew roles!

Thanks for the fantastic nominations so far:
Vaughan - Support crew
Elizabeth - Support crew (Health& Safety)
Phil - Equipment officer
Lorenzo - Support crew

~ ~ ~

Get in the draw to win a free membership for the club year 20/21 when you fill out our annual feedback form! We want to hear everyone's thoughts on how the club has been doing and what you want to achieve next, so we can devise a strategy for the upcoming club year.

The winner will be drawn at 12 pm at the AGM in the Canoe Club House on July 12 (in two weeks and a bit!)

Club Member Feedback Form

Have your say and fill out the form, it only takes a few minutes 🌴 Thank you!

~ ~ ~

And as always, if there is any urgent business that you think needs our attention, let Sita know and she will add this to the AGM agenda.

See you at the Canoe Club House for a tasty BBQ at the AGM on July 12th, 12PM 🙂