1st Febuary: Depth Induction

1st Febuary: Depth Induction

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Date(s) - 01/02/2024
5:45 pm - 7:45 pm

North Shore Canoe Club

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Before you book your depth induction

  1. You must be a paid member of The Auckland Freeediving Club who has completed a pool induction. Not a member? Join Us.
  2. In order to train at Lake Pupuke, all AFC members must first complete a Lake Induction.
  3. Depth training in Lake Pupuke requires certain equipment and equalization skills. Read our Depth Induction page before booking your induction spot.

What to expect during the induction

One or more of our senior members will lead the induction. They are not paid for it and give up valuable training time. The best way to show our appreciation for that is to be prepared and be on time.

The induction consists of an intro about the lake, hazards and other valuable information. Then we put our wetsuits on and swim out about 200m to a buoy with the induction rig. There are no toilets or changing rooms near the lake.

You will get a chance to practice your duck-dive, equalization, use of lanyard, staying close to the line, a 16m deep CWT dive (with fins) and an 11m rescue. The rescue is usually done at the very end because you have to tow the person you rescued back to the shore and retrieve the “unconscious diver” from the water.

It helps to have basic knowledge of frenzel equalization. You can practice it our of the water. Feel free to ask other members for help with that during pool training.

It is possible you will need to complete the induction over more than 1 week. You will need to book each date separately. Once you have completed a Lake Induction you will need to fill in the Lake Induction Completion form (see list of lake training forms and documents) in order to continue lake training with the club.

We are looking forward to diving together in the lake!


Bookings are closed for this event.