Vertical Green is AFC's new depth competition! Only for club members and running for six weeks, Vertical Green is great for you if you are new to depth diving or competitions. For experienced divers, it's the perfect preparation for the Depth Nationals.

Compete across CWT, CNF, and FIM at the lake by performing max attempts at your normal training sessions or hold additional training sessions. This is intended to introduce club members to the basics of competition and to assist training for the upcoming national depth competition or any other personal training. There will be prizes given out to top-performing athletes, as well as lots of spot prizes!!

When: January 25 - March 7

Sign up here: Vertical Green Sign-up Form

You are able to compete as an individual and/or create a three-person team (see rules below).

If you are wanting to hold your own rigs, please ensure you are trained as a rig leader and have access to the gear. Additionally, you can reach out to other members who are already trained.

You Need:

  • A minimum of three AFC members: an athlete, a safety, and a judge (also acting as surface safety)
  • A dive watch
  • An O2 kit
  • Depth rig


  1. All Performances must be are carried out at a club training or in a competition training session with at least three AFC members attending, only current club members may compete.
  2. Performances may only be attempted where a club O2 kit is present. All normal prohibitions about not diving after a hypoxic or other concerning event will be followed.
  3. All performances must have two designated safeties (one safety diver and one surface safety)
  4. All performances must have a designated judge (Need to be aware of judging procedure, need not be an official judge). Surface safety can also be the designated judge.
  5. Performances will be judged and scored on the AIDA depth ruleset and will be judged at the level of strictness common in “rec grade” competition, with some leniency given to small technical details and a focus on informing the athlete of the correct competition procedure. Film of performances and dive time for Dynamic disciplines is not required.
      • Diver, Designated judge, and Designated Safety must agree on the status of the dive if leniency is to be given.
      • Depths will need to be nominated prior to dive at the start of the session and rig set to that depth. Diver must wear a dive watch to record depth achieved. (no tags)
  6. No more than two Max Performances should be attempted on any training day, and the depth nominated shall be no greater than 5m of a recent PB. Divers will need to record their most recent depth PB’s prior to starting the competition in spreadsheet provided. If not applicable, max depth achieved on first dive is 20m.
  7. All performances must be recorded on-site and transferred onto a centrally-held document (shared excel or similar). The Judge and Safety will be listed. (Similar to format of club pool comp)
  8. Each Athlete’s score will be determined by a performance in FIM, CNF, or CWT.
  9. In addition to the solo competition, members may also choose to form three-person teams.
      • The team competition will only go ahead if at least three teams are registered
      • Teams must include at least one member of both nominal genders and one athlete who is a Rec grade diver not having competed in a formal depth competition previously.
      • Given that multiple starts are allowed if a Team member records a Red card in a Discipline, their eventual performance in that discipline will not be counted towards the team’s aggregate score; however, they may still attempt that discipline again for the solo competition.

Any questions, please contact Kelly at