For three weeks starting from the 27th of October till the 12th of November, we will be running an informal competition during our regular training sessions. This is intended to prepare for the Northland comps and to introduce competition frameworks to newer club members.

Compete across Statics, Dynamics, and No-fins by performing Max attempts at your normal training sessions (or head to an extra training for another go!)

A prizegiving will be held after the comp (to be advised) and there will be spot prizes drawn from members who complete dives in all three disciplines.

You Need:

  • 3 AFC club members. An Athlete, a safety, and an experienced club member who can act as a judge.
  • A Pool of at least 25m
  • An O2 kit

You may also have a Coach for your performance and your safety may act as your coach for Statics.

You will be judged at a “Rec grade” level of strictness and the Athlete, safety and Judge agree on the performance result and this will be recorded to a Google sheet along with the judges and safeties names. All performances must be entered on the sheet

You are allowed 2 attempts in one session (Time and space allowing) and up to three attempts at each discipline.

To make up for missing training at Tepids on Labour Day, we have booked two lanes at AUT (shallow pool on the right) on October 27th from 7.30-9pm.

You can also make a three-person team as well as Competing in the solo competition (teams will compete on points against other teams, provided we get more than 1 team entering).
Teams need to include: Somebody who hasn’t competed in the pool before and at least one male and one female. If you get a red card in any of your performances that discipline will not count toward your team score.

Any additional information or queries get in touch with Ash King at

Record your Results…/1zi2S8aypfw5qorMcFMIMR8soaK…/edit…

Use the link above to record your performances for both Team and Individual scores. Please only fill in completed performances.
Let Ash know if you have any questions or concerns