The 734 Club

This page tracks our member progress in the 734 club.
The 7 stands for 75M Dynamic (in the pool) this can be with or without fins. 
The 3 stands for 30M Constant Weight and can also be done with or without fins.
And finally the 4 is for a minimum 4 minute static breath hold.

To log one of these accomplishments you will either need club member verify that they saw you complete it (and did a clean surface protocol).  

The club will stream training to help members with this development.  For those who achieve it you can purchase the club shirt to celebrate the milestone,  get into it!!

7 (75M)
3 (30M)
4 (4:00)
Ana Reid66MTBCY
Ash KingY
Bevan Currie55M15M3:15
Blair HerbertYY
Brook Thomson60M26M3:45
Carolyn RYTBC2:30
Chris CarewYY
David TraillYTBCY
Demi ExleyYY3.09
Haden Bloodworh60MY3:15
Hayden SalmonsY26m3:31
Hormoz EtemadY25Y
Iain Sutherland58M20M3:00
Jack HamiltonYY
Jamie ReidYTBCY
Jason Stobart63MYY
Joachim Aerts (no fins)Y17mY
Jonas Hecker75mTBCY
Larissa Braithwaite63M15M3:35
Matt TaggY
Mike GrayY5MY
Min Shan ZhouYY
Nathanial FairweatherYY
Nick RhodesY15MY
Nick ToothhillYY
Peter TetzlaffY25 m 3:06
Rosie SharmanY10Y
Sam SchwabY3:38
Sean Babbage66MTBC3:12
Sera-Jace LeeY25M3:45
Shelley GurneyY253:10
Simon HoltY20MY
Tim RickardsY15M2:00
Victoria Eyre3:45
Benjamin JamiesonYYY
Brad JamesYYY
David ReidYYY
Elliott DunnYYY
Frazer MackieYYY
Luke LoxtonYYY
Masha AlekseevaYYY
Sarah CorbanYYY
Vasily KhrapovYYY
Wil ShortYYY