The 145 Club

This page tracks our member progress for those who have signed up to the 145 club this year. The 1 stands for 100M Dynamic (in the pool) this can be with or without fins.  The 4 stands for 40M Constant Weight and can also be done with or without fins and finally the 5 is for a minimum 5 minute static breath hold. To log one of these accomplishments you will either need to show you achieved this result (or better) and got a white card from an AIDA sanctioned competition, or have another senior club member verify that they saw you complete it (and did a clean surface protocol).

The club will stream training to help members with this development.  For those who achieve it you can purchase a club shirt to celebrate the milestone, get into it!!

1 (100M )
4 (40M)
5 (5:00 Static)
Blair HerbertY38Y
Brad JamesY304:28
Carolyn Rohm68232:30
Chris CarewY
David MoralitaY313:45
Elliott DunnY364:48
Gary ConwayY
Gavin Kaminer7530Y
Hayden SalmonsY263:31
Hormoz EtemadY25
Jack HamiltonYY
Jonas HeckerY4:35
Kevin SmithY154:00
Lee Marrett85364:33
Luke LoxtonY35Y
Maria Sofia Lardies85203:45
Marine Pomarede92304:32
Matt TaggY
Min Shan ZhouY4:48
Nate FairweatherYY
Nick RhodesYY
Nick ToothhillYY
Peter Tetzlaff7525Y
Robert Glenny83YY
Rosie Sharman76104:46
Sam Schwab763:38
Sarah CorbanY34Y
Shelley Gurney85253:10
Simon HoltY204:07
Tony MacKenzieY30Y
Wade BarmbyY35Y
Wil ShortY336:00
Ali KhalifahYYY
Andy SimsYYY
Anthony HafokaYYY
Braden LynchYYY
David ReidYYY
Gemma CooksonYYY
John PengellyYYY
John WrightYYY
Marcus ThompsonYYY
Moss BurmesterYYY
Phil ClaytonYYY
Regan HallYYY
Rob HarrisonYYY
Sam BarnesYYY
Tania RounthwaiteYYY