Freediving is a broad category and covers not only the lane swimming in the pool and depth diving on rigs, but also many of the Water Apnea sports such as Underwater Hockey, Underwater Rugby and of course Spearfishing. Many of our club compete at National and International levels in the sports mentioned above - the most popular by far is spearfishing. With over ¾ of the club saying they train with the club as a means to improve their spearfishing, there are certain times in the year where in addition to a pure freediving training option we also provide spearfishing centric drills and sessions. Whether this is simulating a long swim out to a rock in current, diving in current, or long swims with delays in the middle to simulate spearfishing a weedline, we vary the sessions depending on where people are at and what is coming up on the National Calendar.

In addition to targeted training we also often take large contingents to the many Spearfishing events throughout the year. The most recent example was at the Big 4 at the Spearfishing Nationals, where an AFC team took out first place in the event. Not to mention several Top 10 places in the Open event.

Luke showing off his first Kingfish he shot on a club trip out in the Hauraki gulf. A whopping 24kg set bar pretty high!

Many of our members enjoy spearfishing after work and on weekends and the club provides a great forum for advertising when you are heading out and are looking for a crew to join, or if you are also looking for a ride yourself, all with the peace of mind that your dive buddies are safe, competent and could rescue you should the unlikely need arise.

Impressive haul from a weekend club trip out the Alderman Islands.


Each year the club do several combined freediving and spearfishing trips.  This year’s destinations include Whatuwhiwhi, Little Barrier and a winter trip to Great Barrier. If you want to know more sign up for an induction and talk to one of the many keen spearfishers in the club for more information.

Impressive haul from a weekend club trip out the Alderman Islands.