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Why train with the Auckland Freediving Club?

Regular training with us as a club member will help you improve your breath-hold abilities, safety skills, and being comfortable in the water.

This is great for:

  • Snorkelers, swimmers, surfers, or anyone who wants to be safer in the water
  • Beginner and advanced spearfishers who want to safely improve their breath-hold
  • People interested in performance freediving 

Check out our Training Sessions, and see what we've been up to recently in News 

Give the Gift of Freediving

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Club Intro Membership

All new members must start with a Club Intro Membership. It's only $130 for three months of training, including an induction and full member benefits.
New to the club? Start here!Already inducted? Renew here!

Step 1: Join

Your first three sessions with AFC are a guided induction to diving safely with the club. We limit numbers so you have to book your place on the event.

Click the 'Join AFC' button to sign up and pick your dates for the induction (Mondays at 18:45 at Tepid Baths).

Step 2: Train

Continue training with the club as a full member with full benefits until your Club Intro expires (three months in total):

  • Join any pool training session
  • Do a lake depth induction
  • Attend member only events and trips
  • Freediving NZ Membership included - allows you to compete at AIDA Grade in NZ competitions

Step 3: Renew

This step is optional, but we think you'll love the Auckland Freediving Club as much as we do.

There are two options to renew; Annual or Monthly.

Annual Membership - $270/year

Best option to take advantage of the Annual Member Benefits and have access to the club for the entire year.

Monthly Membership - $40/month

Great if you're not around for long or in and out of Auckland - pause or restart your membership at any time. 

* Monthly members are not eligible for the Annual Member Benefits 

Annual Member Benefits

Club Intro and Annual Members receive the benefits outlined below (pro-rated to your join date)

Club Credit

Help out with monthly inductions and get club credit to go towards events or off your club fees for next year.

  • $100 credit if you lead one month of inductions (3 sessions in a row) - must have done 2IC before.
  • $75 credit if you assist (2IC) with one month of inductions.
  • $25 credit if you lead for one session.
  • $20 credit if you 2IC for one session.

Click on the Roster below to sign up to help out with inductions:


Event Discounts

Organise a club trip or join an organised club trip and get up to $50 off.

In order to be eligible for club trip subsidy, trips must be:

  • Open to all members of the club
  • Advertised well in advance
  • Have at least 6 club members in attendance (or be an official AIDA freediving competition - see Competition Subsidy section for details)

Each full annual club member attending the trip will receive up to $50 off the trip.

Full members for the entire year are entitled to a maximum of 3 subsidised events.

Competition Subsidy

The Auckland Freediving Club are committed to supporting athletes to compete in official AIDA freediving competitions. All annual members are eligible to apply for a $50 competition subsidy to help with cost of travel, accomodation and entry fees for any official freediving competitions they particpate in, even if less than 6 club members attend.

* Each competition subsidy will count as one of the maximum Event Discounts available to each full annual member. Annual members for the full year are entitled to a total of three $50 Event or Competition discounts. See the Event Discounts section for more details.

Course Discounts

Volunteer with the club and get up to $150^ off your AIDA course fee.

To be eligible for the course subsidy you must:

  • Volunteer with the club – choose 2 bullet points from below:
    • Help as 2IC for inductions at Tepids over 1 month
    • Help as Lead for inductions at Tepids over 1 month
    • Lead 4 depth induction rigs
  • Sign up on the Training Roster for the volunteer slots you have chosen above (you will need to switch to Tepids or Lake tabs to register), you can find the roster on the website:
  • Email the committee telling them when you will complete the volunteering and that you would like the subsidy

    ^ AFC currently operate on a club year of September – August. If you are a new member joining March-August you may not have time to complete all requirements within the club year so email the committee to set up a suitable plan that will determine the amount of subsidy and volunteer requirements.

    A great way to learn more about diving, give back to the club and help reinforce your new learnings while doing so.