Lake Training

The attached document provides information about depth training with the AFC. This document provides information about the Where/When/how much/what to bring and what to expect and also provides some details of the club's approach to depth staging. Depth staging is a new initiative to previous years and reflects the numbers of divers currently training with the club and an increasing awareness of the risks associated with pulmonary barotrauma in freediving.

Depth staging, in a nutshell, works as follows: The club lines are set to maximum depths for each session, according to the rig events posted. There are prerequisites for divers to advance from each level that are based around competently diving and safety diving. Everyone starts at the Induction Rig (max 16m) at the beginning of each depth season. Some will advance to other lines straightaway after demonstrating their competence, others may take a while. Each diver advances at their own pace. The Induction lines will have an advanced diver to provide guidance and undertake assessments as required.

Some divers may find themselves held up by equalisation issues, this is not unusual. If equalisation is a problem for you, please let us know as we can run separate equalisation sessions.

Please read the document carefully before coming to the lake and feel free to ask/post questions, this will help make the session productive for everyone.

Lake depth plan document 2019-2020

Ready to continue past Induction Line?

Divers ready to progress past the Induction lines are required to complete this form acknowledging the training they have received and stating they are aware of the risks involved in diving to deeper depths.